FAQ Colocation

Questions about our data center explained briefly and concisely.

What is colocation?

With colocation or server housing, you set up your own IT hardware in a data center or computer center and use the existing infrastructure. You benefit from: the security concept, uninterruptible power supply and energy-efficient air conditioning, fast redundant Internet connection.

Our data center in Kirchheim near Munich guarantees maximum reliability (availability class 4). This means that availability is also guaranteed in the event of maintenance.

The service is of interest to companies of all sizes because it relieves the burden on their IT department, remains flexible and keeps investments manageable. So you can concentrate on your core business.

The power supply to our data centers has been designed in such a way that even in an emergency, maximum IT reliability can be guaranteed by a continuous power supply to the data centers. For this purpose, all racks are fused with 2x 16 amps (or more if requested by the customer) and connected to two separate and completely independent power supplies (A+B).

As a customer, you have exclusive access around the clock. All persons must be registered in advance by an authorized body and identify themselves on site. The access card is then issued on site, the customer can create a PIN of their own choice and the palm vein scan is created. This gives you 3-factor authentication. You can only access the Data Hall area with the access card, PIN and vein scan. The access and stay is logged and recorded image material is stored in compliance with GDPR and can be viewed by authorized persons.

Availability class 4 means maximum reliability, i.e. 99.999% = 4:23 minutes/month or 52:36 minutes/year, for your IT. This ensures that the entire infrastructure (power, air conditioning, etc.) is still redundantly available even in the event of maintenance.

[RK1]99.99 % ≡ 4:23 minutes/month or 52:36 minutes/year

If you require absolute separation and security, you will receive a structurally separated area in our data center. Customized for you, with individual security processes tailored to your needs. The room is designed entirely according to your requirements: Rack sizes, power densities or individual room layouts

In principle, you can accommodate any rack in our data center. Our standard 19″ racks have 52 height units and the dimensions 600 x 1200 mm. If you have your own special racks with different dimensions, these can also be accommodated. Please note that extra panels for the hot aisle containment must be installed for all racks that are not 2400 mm high.

FAQ Services

Questions about our data center explained briefly and concisely.

How quickly is first occupancy possible?

Racks are usually provided within one working day. You can obtain your cage approx. 3 months after conclusion of the contract. If you would like to bring your own racks, the power supply will be available within a few days.

Yes, you can rent storage space on a long-term basis or store your deliveries for a short time for a fee.

Yes, there is a lounge area where you can work comfortably.

Of course, we are available for an audit for a fee and will accompany you and your auditor on a visit to the data center. Please contact us and we will decide together how much time is required for this.